• Banking and Finance

    MIT provides a comprehensive suite of integrated core banking solutions powered by the latest technologies, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and open standards. MIT remains at the forefront of digital banking transformation in Myanmar as we enabled the 1st ATM, National Payment Network, International Card Payment and Mobile banking as the technology partner. Today, we are capitalizing on 20 years’ of experience to help customers thrive in digital age delivering safe and secure innovative technologies.

  • Retail

    Whether single store or multi-channel retailer, MIT has broad portfolio of retail solutions designed to help you operate more efficiently-from better managing suppliers and stock to improving customer experience. Integration with SAP ensures that customer, order, vendor, inventory and financial data is always up to date thus enabling you to become much better at sensing demand and respond quickly. POS systems can support supermarkets, retail shops, department stores and restaurants.

  • Distribution

    In a competitive market, MIT can help you change the game through modernizing your business process and supply chain by streamlining operations across the organization. SAP solutions can be effective means of adding value in managing complex price models and SKUs and large scale customer orders across multiple locations. It provides the level of visibility into inventory, order status, delivery schedule and demand that you need to make better, faster decisions.

  • Healthcare

    In providing a preventive and personalized medical care to patients, making use of data foot print created by e-medical record is at the core. iThis digitally captures all the historical medical data and provides accuracy and easy access to hospitals reducing human error. Integration capability with ERP has potential to optimize the workflow across non-clinical operations thus increasing visibility and better control of the operation, critical to deliver cost effective high value healthcare services.

  • Hospitality

    In hospitality, service excellence is a basic expectation of business. Ranging from guest history to their preferences, housekeeping to room inventory, billing and much more, Hotelia ensures that you stay top on all details, critical to deliver superior guest experience. It empowers the operators to quickly know the performance of their property at every level through instant up-to-moment status report and visual dashboard so they can take corrective action at right time.

  • Public Sector

    Nowadays, government agencies are facing pressure to offer services in a more consumer-oriented way. To meet citizens’ demand for a frictionless user experience, the public sector needs to adopt new technology trends. We, MIT, offers one stop software solutions for public sectors like SharePoint document management system, ERP system, human resource management system, biometric and identity solutions, business intelligence and analytics solutions. By digitizing the processes, government can enhance services, increase productivity and improve citizens’ quality of life.

  • Education Industry/ Edu Tech

    Education is the first priority in Myanmar and the education institutions are of considerable importance for the country. MIT helps to set up like class and schedule management, administration, report generation and financial management. As a comprehensive education solution, MIT provides collaboration platform. It encourages interactive learning environment between students and teachers. That system allows accessing all information and accurate data from anywhere and automatically updates in real time.