• Corporate Social Responsibility

    Myanmar Information Technology Pte Ltd (MIT) has committed to contribute towards making a positive impact in the society that we live and work. The foundation of our Social responsibility initiatives is embedded in our corporate vision: ‘Enabling Innovative Solutions for People, Planet and Profit’.


    We, the colleagues of MIT, commit towards more sustainable and ethical business operations by fostering inclusion and integrity in our interactions with each other and our partners. In line with our code of conduct and policies, we value the highest standards in legal compliance, ethical behavior, environmental sustainability, respect for people and human rights, as well as health and safety of employees.


    MIT engages and initiates harmonious CSR activities in a continued and effective manner to contribute the employees, suppliers, clients, and communities. The implementation of CSR activities engenders a sense of empathy and equity among employees to motivate them to contribute to the society. We outline the strategic planning to actively support national development initiatives and social sector in order to achieve corporate social goals. In the meanwhile, MIT developed quality business process models for high value support and best practices.


    MIT adheres to UN Global Compact principles of Human rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-corruption. MIT focuses its CSR obligations in the following areas:


    1. Workplace health, safety and environment

    • Provide fair working conditions to enhance a safe and healthy working environment for employees
    • Develop, establish and promote technologies enabling to reduce papers in the day to day office process
    Reducing PLASTIC Waste at Work
    • As collective initiative to support the environment preservation, Myanmar Information Technology encourages the limited usage of plastic bottles in the work place as much as possible. Furthermore, water glasses have replaced in office meeting venues instead of using plastic bottles.

    2. Human rights, harassment and discrimination

    • Stimulate personal growth for employees (For e.g. technical sharing programs)
    • Support equal employment opportunities, diversity and inclusion for employees and encourage non-discrimination in the workplace
    • Respect and honor the human rights of people involved in our business and, in particular, do not use any form of forced or child labor
    • Takes leadership in fostering a corporate culture, and implementing policies, that promote ethical behavior
    • Ensure that complaints of prohibited conduct are promptly addressed in a fair and impartial manner
    • Zero tolerance in all forms of harassment such as physical, verbal, sexual or psychological abuse or threats in the workplace

    3. Conflicts of interest

    • Conflict of Interest including circumventing procurement processes to favour family members or close friends, and steering or directing business to close family members or friends
    • Personnel are not permitted to offer, promise, provide, or receive anything of value to or from any third party, including government officials, in order to obtain or maintain an unfair competitive advantage

    4. Social contribution

    • Engage, both individually and with partners, in social contribution activities that strengthen communities and contribute to the enrichment of society.

    Scholarship Programs

    • Since 2014, MIT established the scholarship programs, and continuously provides funds for the outstanding students at the University of Information Technology and the Universities of Computer Science, Yangon Region, and also financially supports to the needy students at the University of Computer Studies in Hinthada, Ayearwaddy Region.

    E-Community Projects

    • 2017-2018, Myat Pyin Nyar Library in Hpa-An in Kayin State, and also in Mon State for enable Digital Transformation for inclusive development, Promote Digital Literacy and awareness for youth community and create new employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

    Bike Donation

    • Myanmar Information Technology has recently donated 16 bikes for the students in Shu Khin Thar village, Ingapu, Ayearwaddy Division in May 2018.
    Donation for the prevention of COVID-19
    • On March 29 and April 1, 2020, MIT donated 9615 masks and 151 PPE uniforms to the Emergency Department of Yangon General Hospital for COVID-19 protection.